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Libs is a package to use the COV-19 data analysis tool. It has a module written in python called arcovid19 dedicated to the analysis of all real cases of COVID-19 in Argentina.

Arcovid19 is made up of two classes CasesFrame and CasesPlot, these tools are used to report the analysis of COVID-19 data in Argentina from tables and visualizations. Furthermore, the CasesFrame class inherits and adds functionalities to the DataFrame class of Pandas.


arcovid19 is under The BSD-3 License

The BSD 3-clause license allows you almost unlimited freedom with the software so long as you include the BSD copyright and license notice in it (found in Fulltext).


Please acknowledge arcovid19 in any research report or publication that requires citation of any author’s work. Our suggested acknowledgment is:

The authors acknowledge the arcovid19 project that contributed to the research reported here. <>


Please cite:

Luczywo, N. A., Daza, V., Koraj, M., Dominguez, M., Lares, M., Paz, D. J., Quiroga, R., Rios, M. E. D. L., Sánchez, B. O., Stasyszyn, F., & Cabral, J. B. (2020). Infecciones de COVID-19 en Argentina. Unpublished.


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